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Pilbara Prase aka Green Prase Round

Pilbara Prase aka Green Prase Round


Shape: Round
Origin: Pilbara AUS
Approx. Length: 15.5 - 16 inch
MOH’s Hardness: 6-6.5

Discription: Pilbara Prase is a stone formed from Fuchsite or Chrome Mica under extreme heat and pressure from mother earth. This stone is usually not translucent, except the parts where the Quartz filled cracks in the stone. Most Pilbara Prase are dark green color because of Fuchsite, but can also be found in lighter shades of green due to weathering. 

Approx Bead Count:
6mm - 61-67 pcs
8mm - 46-50 pcs
10mm - 37-40 pcs
12mm - 31-34 pcs

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