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Kalahari Jasper aka Picture Jasper Round

Kalahari Jasper aka Picture Jasper Round


Shape: Round
Origin: Africa
Approx. Length: 15 - 15.5 inch

Information: Kalahari Japer is well known for bringing harmony and relaxation. This stone is a symbol of the Earth. Connection and grounding. Thus, this is a wise choice for those who want to connect with the Earth’s spirit, Devas or elementals. Being an ornamental rock composed mostly of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz, and other minerals, this gem is believed to heal physical and emotional damage, such as relieve pains after breaking up or divorce.

Approx Bead Count:
6mm - 58-63pcs
8mm - 43-47 pcs
10mm - 34-37 pcs
12mm - 28-31pcs

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