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Dendritic Agate aka Montana Agate Round

Dendritic Agate aka Montana Agate Round


Shape: Round 
Origin: Madagascar
Approx. Length: 15 inch

Metaphysical Property:
Dendritic agate is an ideal gem for anyone involved in meditation, therapy, rebirthing, or work that requires behavioral change as to achieve desired results. This stone enhance inner stability, maturity, security and self- confidence of the wearers. Besides, it is also known for promoting family connections and protect the owner when traveling, especially against traffic accidents. Wearing this stone in the middle of the chest enhances the cardiac muscle and heal emotional disharmony, not to mention the ability to calm the anger, foster love and courage to start something over.

Approx Bead Count:
6mm - 62-65 pcs
8mm - 46-50 pcs
10mm - 36-39 pcs
12mm - 30-33 pcs

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