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Freshwater Pearl Small Nuggets, 4.5-6.5mm

Freshwater Pearl Small Nuggets, 4.5-6.5mm


Freshwater Pearl 
Shape: Nugget
Size: 4.5-6.5mm
Farmed: China 
Approx. Length: 15.5 - 16 inch

Approx. bead Hole Size: 0.5mm

Pearl is a symbol of wisdom that is gained through experience. Thus, by wearing this gem, you will have the power to become wiser, stronger, and have better protection in all aspects. It is also well known for its powerful calming effects and the ability to balance your inner state. With this stone by your side, your mind will be enlighten and filled with energy. This energy will not only open your mind but also nurture love in your life. Besides, this crystal can facilitate you in the treatment of digestive tract disorders and muscular system conditions. In the end, more loving and faithful people will come into your life thanks to this gem.

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